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Chinese Food Boxes

How to Unfold the Chinese Food Boxes to Enjoy the Chinese Food Easily?

If you are also into Chinese food and especially noodles, you must have noticed that it is not easy to eat them for people who are not Chinese and thus not experts in this art.

First of all, you have to master the art of eating with help of chopsticks, and even if you master this skill, I have seen people who end up breaking chopsticks or worse yet, hurt their fingers.

Yet, right after you learn to use the chopsticks like a pro, you have to deal with the custom designed Chinese food boxes which are purpose-built to make it easy for the food vendor and the customers to contain the food and eat it.

Since the Chinese noodles and other Chinese food are not really easy to eat especially when you do not know how to manage chopsticks and the mess of noodles, the Chinese takeout boxes are designed in a special way.

A lot of people, unfortunately, do not know the way how Chinese takeout boxes are unfolded and thus they never come to know that a Chinese food box opens into a plate.

O yes!

Think about using chopsticks to eat food from a food box with a relatively narrow opening and then think about turning that food box into a plate and eat right out of the plate lying flat on the table.

The custom Chinese food boxes have a special type of structure and if you unglue them on the sides, you can easily unfold them into plates. And this makes it a lot easier for a person to manage the food, have it wide open in front of eating and eat with freedom.

In this blog post, we are going to find out as to how to turn a Chinese takeout box into a wide-open plate.

Let us have a look:

  • Why turn it into a Plate – If you have been eating Chinese food, especially noodles a lot, you should know how the food turns into a mess when you try to coax it out of the box. People end up with losing food, stains all over their clothes and perhaps not so happy. Turning it into a plate does not only make it easy to eat the food, but it is more enjoyable as well.

Now here is how to turn customized Chinese food boxes into plates.

  • Get a box full of noodles or any Chinese food that you love.
  • Open the box from the top and now you can see the food.
  • Turn the side to reach to the unprinted side of the box where one flap is glued to another. Apply force to unglue the flap and you will see that box opening into the plate, but it is not done yet.
  • Reach for the other side and repeat the same action. Now the box is unglued, just spread the cardboard box onto a sheet or plate and enjoy the food.
  • You manage to successfully turn a takeout box into a plate because the template of such a box is different. And this is why you can eat food as much as you want and then compose it again into a box (with pin or tape) and place it in the refrigerator for another time.

Brilliant! Right? You can do this as many times as you like. I hope that after reading this post, you will look differently at the personalized Chinese takeout boxes.